Wuhu, magical familier from the fireflies forest


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 Everyone knows I began to sculpt thanks to my dear friend Christi Friesen book "Dragons."

For several years, I made dragons, fantasy familiers and.. slugs. For real. But magical slugs though! 

I guess I was so lonely and sad to the core of my being that I needed to surround myself, and those making me the honor to adopt them, with familiers from another world. My own world. The one where I would fit.

We live since more than a year now, quite dreadful times but also very discouraging and sad ones. It is a very dark place where we stand right now. I've always imagined that the end of the tunnel like the saying goes, would resemble a firefly. I love fireflies and in my childhood, I always pictures that metaphorical light to the end of hard times, as being a little dancing firefly at the horizon of a thick dark night.

The thick gloom into our world is in so far, made me think of this. Thus, I started to think about who, or what, could be the guardian of the fireflies. They obviously need a guardian to take care of them, they are the ultimate light but they are are fragile at the same time...

So here is Wuhu. My first resin magical familier. It is the guardian of the fireflies in the Gloom Forest. Wuhu generally lives its life at dawn and sunset. It is not much active during the day, but sometimes it can gather lost fireflies at night too. Wuhu is silent, it rolls on its tail, grab branches with it when it needs to climb, and eats only glow in the dark mushrooms and pebbles, which glow in the dark too. But many things have to glow to survive in the Gloom Forest.

Wuhu is my new friend. It never leaves my side, sitting on his plump little butts. It will bring me the necessary firefly when the time to come back to lighter time will come.

Wuhu is my promise that "this too shall pass."

A Wuhu is about 16 cm tall, its antenna is magnetic so it cannot break during transportations and can also show its various moods. Wuhu is a big heavy familier but it is "only" 160$ in blank, because I wanted for everyone who would want a promise of better days to own one. I know Wuhu helps me, I hope it will support you too.

Layaway are available for Wuhu BUT, there is only one condition : with each payment, the collector has to pay the PayPal fees. I cannot propose such resin creature at such price if I also have to pay myself for the fees. So, as long as I receive the full amount for Wuhu once the fees are deducted, your layaway after deposit, can be the amount that suits you every month! Not a problem for me!

Wuhu is available in White Snow.

Each Wut will come a personalized CircusKane bag.

You can choose my face up as an option. Be quick though for I cannot paint more than 40 face ups per preorder as I am a one woman circus :)

 The preorder will be open from March 12th till April 3rd.



Layaways are still available of course, as usual. But from now, it is required to pay a deposit through paypal to validate your order. After that, you have to send each month another payment, the amount is flexible and decided by you to not stress your budget; but each month an amount must be sent to my paypal twarkzit@hotmail.com. In the title of each payment you must write your order number and the number of your payment ( 2nd payment, 3rd payment, 4th payment and so on) or if it is your last payment " ORDER NUMBER... LAYAWAY COMPLETE."
If you have any question, please email me directly at twarkzit@hotmail.com!

Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment or deposit is refundable.


The production delay after the preorder is closed is 3/4 months.


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