I do offer layaways options ONLY FOR PREORDERS.
Layaways are NOT available for In Stock dolls and every order placed for an In Stock doll with Layaway payment, will be canceled.

Layaways BJD Preorders : To subscribe a layaway from 2 till 8 installments, or more depending on the total amount of your order; please select as a payment method "Layaway" and confirm your order. You will receive an order confirmation by email. PLEASE ANSWER THIS EMAIL ORDER CONFIRMATION, MENTIONING HOW MANY INSTALLMENTS YOU REQUIRE FOR YOUR LAYAWAY.

Within 24hrs, a paypal link to subscribe your automatic paypal plan will be sent to you so you can make your first payment.

You must subscribe your plan, therefore make your first payment within 3 days after it has been sent to you, otherwise your order will be canceled.

Once your plan is subscribed, you have nothing more to do as Paypal will send me your payments automatically each month.
You only have to subscribe once to your layaway.

No dolls will be shipped till the full balance is paid.
Please, make sure that your Paypal has the payment balance every month otherwise your payment will be ignored. Paypal then tries 6 days after to send me again the payment. If again, the balance is not enough, then your layaway is automatically canceled by Paypal. If a payment is past due for more than 8 days, your order will be definitely canceled.


Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions ^^