~Please read carefully ~

All my dolls are hand sculpted by me, then sent as  prototypes to China to my manufacturer who produces them in environmental resin, which is stronger and harmless for health. I do NOT sell "french resin dolls."
Every of my dolls is produced ONCE, which means ONE SINGLE preorder. At most, maybe two if I ever decide to make a second very limited preorder in another color.
The dolls will be delivered about 3/4 months after the preorder closes. This is the ordinary production delay.
For the "IN STOCK" dolls, delivery can be immediate once balance is fully paid.
I accept paypal ONLY.

Once your order placed, it cannot be canceled. All sales are final and NO PAYMENT IS REFUNDABLE.

I cannot be held responsible for Postal troubles, lost, strike,
though if you ever have an issue with the delivery of your doll, (which almost never happens) you MUST contact me through my email; so I can find a solution with for I never let one of my collectors dissatisfied. In case a collector would receive a damaged parcel, a postal complaint must be lodge by the collector in order for CKDolls to ask for insurance in case of damage to the doll ( which never happens neither, but who knows...) 
All damaged parcels delivered and accepted without postal complaint cannot be the subject of a claim towards CKDolls.
However, if there is any breakage, upon a simple picture, I of course will help you and do my best to replace the broken little one ^^

Dolls come blank and ready to custom with a free pair of eyes and a carrier cushion BUT, I do offer a face up service. BUT ATTENTION PLEASE : all the face up are hand painted by ME. I am one person and a face up requires a longer delay for your delivery. Thus the face up option increase the delivery time from 1 to 2 extra months.
Please, use the LAYAWAY PAYMENT METHOD if you require one.
Layaways :
I do propose layaway formulas which are very flexible. It can go till 4 installments for a doll and till 6 from two dolls to... as many as you want!
These layaways are to be subscribed through Paypal after your order is made on the site. If a payment is past due over 8 days and I have no news from the collector : your order will be automatically canceled.  PLEASE READ THE LAYAWAY PAGE ON THIS SITE TO SEE HOW IT WORKS.

No doll will be shipped till its full balance is paid.

I am always at everyone's disposal if you ever have a question. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ^^

My Official representative in the US is Cheryl Simokat. if you look for my dolls at BJDC, please come say hello to Cheryl at my booth! :)
She also ships the layaways from the con and can be contacted for any extra dolls!