About Me

Nefer Kane is born one day. She was very young. She grew up because she was cowardly forced to. She became a sculptor because it was easier than being a diver for police investigations. And also because she reminds her forensic studies as a child when she was beheading barbies and using their heads as catapult's projectiles during her Holy Grail's quest.
She thinks that life would be funnier if she'd glow in the dark and if she would scatter butterflies all around when she sneezes instead of sputters. Nefer Kane
has a deviant passion for Begonias.

Nefer Kane is just a Citizen. The scientists consider she is not dangerous (all the time.)

If you want to learn more about the process of dollmaking for the Circus Kane dolls, or about that weird girl whom sculpts them : Please visit the Parade's backstage WWW.CIRCUSKANE.COM !!!