Xmas Mystery Elf


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Mystery Elf is the Elf version of my previous Sculpt Mystery. She is a YOSD BJD, ball jointed doll.

She is 30cm tall.
She will come in Light Grey, Pink Petal, lavender, light green, light blue or White; with her carrier cushion, and a free pair of eyes.

You can choose the face up as an option.

For a face up, slots are limited to 3 per resin color as I cannot paint more for one preorder at the moment.

The additional delay for a face up by me is from 2 till 5 weeks depending on how many I have to make.


The Blank dolls in Light Grey, Pink Petal and White resin are not limited. The preorder will be open from November 25th till December 15th.


Layaways are available for Mystery elf from 2 till 4 installments.
Please select Layaway as a payment method if you require one and follow the instructions once your order is placed.


Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment is refundable.

The delay of production of a doll is 3/4 months after the preorder is closed.

Mystery Elf Measurements: 

- Height: 30 cm
- Head Circumference: 18.6cm ( approx 7.25 inches)
- Eyes: 14 mm
- Neck circumference: 4.7cm
- Bust circumference: 10.7 cm
- Shoulder width: 5 cm
- Waist circumference: 10.2 cm
- Hip circumference: 15 cm
- Foot length: 3.2 cm
- Foot width (at toes): 1.8 cm

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