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Before the fun, please, read the bottom of this listing for the way to get a layaway for sweet little Maeva. It's all explained there, but you also can email me at if you need help :)


I found this little one hiding in my garden. Maurice the pup was barking, you'd say as per usual; but her barking was different. So I approached and found behind the rustling leaves, this little elf. One ear down, one ear up, because she is shy, but also curious. She was somewhat familiar, then after introductions, I had to call another friend of mine to tell her that her cousin Maeva from Spring Blossoms had arrived!

Wut was properly destroying my garden shed, which is totally normal for those of you having a little Wut at home; YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! She ran out, covered with grease, fertilizer and tool in hand ( she experiments to make a sort of fertilizing bomb. it's a whole concept.) and fell into Maeva's arms; or shall I say slipped in her arms then fell. Yeah, the tool grease would do that. LOL

Maeva is Wut's cousin, she is an elf from Spring Blossoms, a beautiful town where flowers blossoms are born before appearing for Spring time. That explains why she smells so delicately good...

What is she doing here? Well, she's shy for one, curious, but also "creative." Which led her to make a colossal mistake. It apparently runs in the family.

Am I a shelter for fugitive elves? I appears so and I have no clue how it happened! Yet... Here we are.

Maeva, from what I gathered, discreetly tried to use some blossoms as music instruments ( she loves to sing), but bagpipes full of pollens were not the best idea apparently, they sort of exploded, covering the town of Spring Blossoms in thick pollen, giving the mayor an allergy and turning everything bright yellow.

So here she is. And just like her cousin Wut, she looks for a forever home. I have to say, she is very sweet, I already talked about her smell, and she also sings the most exquisite tunes. If you decide to adopt her, please be patient, she's shy at first. She needs gentleness. She will also help your garden, or even potted plants to grow and thrive. A musical environment is very welcome, but please don't leave her alone with bagpipes, or clarinets... Not sure a guitar would be safer though. SHE NEEDS SUPERVISION.

I could go on, but apart from having a North Pole Patrol fugitve in my home, I now have also a top ten list Wanted elf from Spring Blossoms city! AND I HEAR THEY ARE PLAYING WITH THE BATHROOM FAUCET AND SOAP!

Email me your questions if you have any, I have to save my plumbing system!

Maeva in blank is 23 cm tall, she has the same body than Wut and  her adoption fee is 495$.

She comes in Pink Petal, Diva Chocolate or Tendril Green.

Maeva will come with her personalized CircusKane bag and a pair of eyes. She takes 20mm eyes. Her wig size is 7/8.

You can choose my face up as an option. Be quick though for I cannot paint more than 40 face ups per preorder as I am a one woman circus :)


The preorder will be open from July 6th till August 2nd.



Due to too many problems with layaways, I have decided to reinstate the automatic layaway payment method through paypal where each payment is automatically sent to me by paypal itself, so my collectors don't have to worry anymore nor to have to set reminders nor do the math for the balance. All will be automated and you'll receive a link for the desired layaway of the length of you choice.

how to order with layaway : 

1- Select your desired doll(s) with LAYAWAY written next to their name in the scroll menu.

2- in the notes of your order, please add how many installments you wish. Also add in the note if blank or with a face up.


4- You will receive from me, within at most, 24hrs, a 0aypal link to subscribe to your layaway. It will automatically send me your first installment as you subscribe. Then a month later, the second installment will be sent to me automatically and so on for each month, according to the length of layaway you ask me for. NOTE THAT NO ORDER WILL BE VALID UNTIL THE FIRST PAYMENT HAS BEEN DONE THROUGH THE SUBSCRIPTION TO THE AUTOMATIC PAYPAL PAYMENT METHOD.


Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment nor deposit is refundable.


Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment nor deposit is refundable.


The production delay after the preorder is closed is 3/4 months.


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