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From the coldest, deepest, farthest Fjord, mushrooms started to light up for each of her steps. Hamingja walked a very long journey to come knock at your door.

Hamingja is a benevolent Norse Spirit, she accompanied human beings deciding to bring them happiness and luck or not. Hamingja has been asleep for a while, but the melancholy of the world woke her up, she reckoned, after much thoughts, that it was time to give her human happiness and luck again. She didn't fear the travel, she didn't feel the cold, the winds, she followed every lit up mushroom with her brave smile on her face. She made friends along the way, for Hamingja can share love with any living creatures. She even made her misson to bring back home lost cats in the cold of the Winter. Hamingja made the first snowdrops bloom along her way as Spring will too come back into hearts; her little clogs clinking on the ice while she was rejoicing in advance of all the good she was bringing to whom will open their door to her.

In old ages, every human being used to have an Hamingja, deciding of their Happiness and Luck. But times have changed... Though she never really left; for in Icelandic language her name is still used every day because it stands for "Happiness."

Be ready to hear a knocking my friends and open your heart 🩵

And so YES, this powder flesh Hamingja with the blue outfit and the handmade clogs is my first fullset!
Hamingja is wearing a dress made of hand dyed and hand embroidered witj Swarovski crystals, felt fabric entirely made by yours truly. Yes, that means I even made the fabric itself with silk and merino fibers, so it is completely unique and cannot be redone the exact same way. With a petticoat of batiste cotton. Her hat is also made from the same felted fabric I made and embroidered as well. She has vikings braids. A pompom cotton scarf. And her shoes are hand sculpted clogs by me. They also are sealed and painted by yours truly. This blue fullset Hamingja is a sample, she is signed and numbered in her head cap.

There are only 7 fullsets for Hamingja. Each will be different and of course totally unique as I make and felt the fabric myself then embroider it. Each fullset will have a handmade and handpainted pair of clogs sculpted by me. IF YOU REQUIRE A LAYAWAY FOR A UNIQUE FULLSET, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT TWARKZIT@HOTMAIL.COM

Each will be signed, dated and numbered in her headcap. Ooak fullset Hamingja will also come with exclusive goodies 😉 

I hope you like her and that she will bring you as much as happiness she already brought me while I was working on her! 🩵🫂🩵

Hamingja in blank is 22 cm tall and 510$.

Hamingja will come with her personalized CircusKane bag and a pair of eyes. She takes 12mm eyes. Her wig size is 7/8.

You can choose my face up as an option. Be quick though for I cannot paint more than 40 face ups per preorder as I am a one woman circus :)


The preorder will be open from April 20th till May 8th.



Due to too many problems with layaways, I have decided to reinstate the automatic layaway payment method through paypal where each payment is automatically sent to me by paypal itself, so my collectors don't have to worry anymore nor to have to set reminders nor do the math for the balance. All will be automated and you'll receive a link for the desired layaway of the length of you choice.

how to order with layaway : 

1- Select your desired doll(s) with LAYAWAY written next to their name in the scroll menu.

2- in the notes of your order, please add how many installments you wish. Also add in the note if blank or with a face up.


4- You will receive from me, within at most, 24hrs, a 0aypal link to subscribe to your layaway. It will automatically send me your first installment as you subscribe. Then a month later, the second installment will be sent to me automatically and so on for each month, according to the length of layaway you ask me for. NOTE THAT NO ORDER WILL BE VALID UNTIL THE FIRST PAYMENT HAS BEEN DONE THROUGH THE SUBSCRIPTION TO THE AUTOMATIC PAYPAL PAYMENT METHOD.


Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment nor deposit is refundable.


Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment nor deposit is refundable.


The production delay after the preorder is closed is 3/4 months.


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