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The moon is magical. Literally magical. Did you know that every night when the moon is full, earth lifts a few inches up towards her? 

The moon commands the seas, births, sleepless nights, even werewolves. She has an influence on our planet, a deep influence, as well as on each living creature. I am absolutely fascinated by the moon. Probably the reason why I sculpted 3 moon dolls already. 

To my intense pleasure and surprise, these dolls made me realize that many of you, my dear friends, love her as much as I do and that we are many to address a wish to her in the thick gloom of the night, with the implicit knowledge that she will hear us like nothing else can.

I missed the biggest super moon this month, as my beloved elder son Louis was dreadfully sick and having probably the worst night of his life. I spent all seconds of that night by his side. But my best friend, who was with us through the phone; knowing this was too the worst night of my life; made a wish for me to the super moon.

I think that wish has been granted by the moon. 

my son is now, fortunately, out of danger ❤️

it's been a long time now that many of you ask me about another preorder for Big Moon and Nancy Luna. I was about to make one in the near future. But this terrible night and the wish my friend made for me, changed my mind. We need in our lives a moon or two to address our wishes to. And sometimes it cannot wait. 

Therefore, here are, Big Moon and Nancy Luna, to be made at your demand like a wish come true; allowing you to make daily wishes and grant them to you.


Just a reminder, but important to me, I dedicated Nancy Luna to my beloved friend Nancy Pennell who is by my side since now many years support my work and myself in a personal level too ❤️


You can get Nancy Luna in White that Glows In The Dark in Blue or glow in the dark as well Lagoona Blue!

Big Moon is available in the same colors, White Snow that glows in the dark and Lagoona Blue that of course, also glows in the dark! 

A big Moon blank is 37.5 cm tall and 690$.

A Nancy Luna blank is 15 cm tall and 430$.

Please open the menu to see all options with face up and/or layaway :) 

The little Satellite planet girl will come with her personalized CircusKane bag, and a free pair of eyes. Pocket Luna takes 6mm eyes.

Big Moon will also come with her personalized CircusKane bag and a pair of eyes. She takes 8mm eyes.

You can choose my face up as an option. Be quick though for I cannot paint more than 40 face ups per preorder as I am a one woman circus :)


The preorder will be open from July 21st till August 7th.



Layaways are still available of course, as usual. But from now, it is required to pay a deposit through paypal to validate your order. After that, you have to send each month another payment, the amount is flexible and decided by you to not stress your budget; but each month an amount must be sent to my paypal twarkzit@hotmail.com. In the title of each payment you must write your order number and the number of your payment ( 2nd payment, 3rd payment, 4th payment and so on) or if it is your last payment " ORDER NUMBER... LAYAWAY COMPLETE."
If you have any question, please email me directly at twarkzit@hotmail.com!

Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment nor deposit is refundable.


The production delay after the preorder is closed is 3/4 months.


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