Wut, a Christmas elf rescue.


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My elder son and I were playing video games as every evening, when we had the feeling that something was watching us. You know, the feeling of a look upon you. So we looked around cause we couldn't shake that sensation and we find... her. Hidden behind the fireplace logs.

Her name is Wut. Short for what the fuck. She's a christmas toddler elf and a fugitive! The North Pole patrol has a warrant against her and looks for her!

She explained me that even if she's destined to, she's only 100 years old, so she cannot work at Santa's workshop yet, since the legal toy working age is 380 years old. But she has such passion for toys that she decided to sneak in and try to help anyway. About half an hour after, dolls and teddies parts were even on top of the highest trees out there! (It involved a sort of explosion but she didn't give me much details about this.)

She got arrested by the North Pole Patrol, and sentenced by the Supreme Claus court sentenced her to shovel the reindeers poop for the next hundred years since she had no one that could foster her and give her the education she needs. So she ran! She doesn't want to stick candy canes in her nostrils to accomplish her stinky punishment!

She was very sad when she knew I was a dollmaker. For she knows she will get carried away around my work and a disaster will happen. She's also afraid of Maurice the pup, that she called a pony and who is now pouting...

I allowed her to spend the night though, of course. But she needs a foster home. She's a Christmas rescue. But before you commit to adoption, know that : she will probably sleep in your bed. That she changes her hair to match her jamies in a fingers snap. That you commit for 280 years. To rescue a Christmas elf is a serious thing, no shelter after the tree is taken down! We all remember what happened to the Easter bunny and we don't want to go there! She needs to be educated and cared for. 

Beside this... she's funny, lovely, quite endearing, sweet and very affectionate. But clumsy. You don't want to have her in charge of your grandma's crystal vase! 

For this Christmas, don't shop a baby reindeer : adopt a Christmas elf! 

After all we've been through this 2020 year, we need a little fun and a little love. Something light, something soothing that takes our minds off of the horror around the world. This is why, each of my collectors who will adopt and rescue a Wut this Christmas, will automatically enter her giveaway and will have a chance to win her! The drawing will happen when her preorder closes! BEST OF LUCK MY FRIENDS ❤🎄🎁

A Wut is about 20 cm tall :)

Wut is available powder flesh and warm sand. 

Each Wut will come her personalized CircusKane bag, and a free pair of eyes.

You can also choose my face up as an option. Be quick though for I cannot paint more than 40 face ups per preorder as I am a one woman circus :)

 The preorder will be open from December 20th till January 10th.



Layaways are still available of course, as usual. But from now, it is required to pay a deposit through paypal to validate your order. After that, you have to send each month another payment, the amount is flexible and decided by you to not stress your budget; but each month an amount must be sent to my paypal twarkzit@hotmail.com. In the title of each payment you must write your order number and the number of your payment ( 2nd payment, 3rd payment, 4th payment and so on) or if it is your last payment " ORDER NUMBER... LAYAWAY COMPLETE."
If you have any question, please email me directly at twarkzit@hotmail.com!

Please read the "Conditions" page : once an order is placed, no payment or deposit is refundable.


The production delay after the preorder is closed is 3/4 months.


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