Barnabe Prince of Trolls, LIMITED EDITION KIT.


Sold Out

Here is Barnabe, Prince of Trolls; the first DemiMonde reborn kit.

Barnabe is an alternative/fantasy kit with pointy ears and quite a perplexed expression ^^
He is 17/18 inches tall, full limbs. He takes 22mm eyes. He is cast professionally into cream soft vinyl; very flexible and a dream to root.

Please read the description very carefully for all sales are final and all payment or deposit is NON REFUNDABLE :
You are here buying a reborn KIT.
Each kit includes BLANK HEAD, ARMS, LEGS PLUS OFFERED CLOTH BODY. Each kit will come with a numbered DemiMonde certificate of authenticity signed by my own hand.
Barnabe is a limited edition of 500 kits worldwide. Once sold out, there's unfortunately nothing I can do.

Each kit is 89 USD plus shipping.
Two ways of payments are available for Barnabe :
Full payment of the kit when you place your order, plus shipping.
Deposit payment : 40$ plus shipping. The next month you MUST send the balance for your kit, thus 49$ , through paypal as "payment for goods" to my address : If I don't hear from you for 7 days after the date of your second payment has passed, your order will be canceled.
NO payment or deposit can be refunded.

I live in France, so shipping can be high for one kit for USA and Canada; Thus you can preorder your Barnabe at MACPHERSONCRAFTS HERE!



For Australia, Barnabe is available at CITY REBORN ANGELS HERE! 

For Europe Barnabe is also available at REBORNSHOP! 

For Europe also at CREATUBEBE HERE!

For Europe, I advise group orders from me or from rebornshop with friends to save on shipping! ^^

The preorder will be open from April 20th to May 20th. Note : The preorder might close sooner if kit is sold out.

The kits should land at my place from the factory sometime in June.


For Barnabe, I have been extremely lucky to have as prototype painting artists :

The great and uniquely brilliant Nathalie Baillon. She's a most renown artist who works for Cinema and a delight of a being. She also the owner of the European reborn shop REBORNSHOP.FR who also proposes Barnabe for preorder! It's a great honor to have her as a friend. <3

The Fantastic alternative artist, super friend and cookie partner : Sam Balmer-Mclellan! <3

The Grand alternative artist and adorable sweet friend : Emily Cooke! <3

The very talented artist and lovely sweet friend from Middle Earth : Jeni Razoux! <3

The very tender and sweet artist, my sweetheart friend : Elodie Pinagot! <3

The awesome artist, my fellow in fun and dear friend : Jamie Davault! <3

Each picture on the gallery is marked with the name of the artist who reborned the prototype ( or just my name, if it is my own painting); please feel free to contact them if you wish one of them to reborn your Barnabe kit for you! In order to have your kits shipped directly to one of them, please contact the artist of your choice and then ANSWER YOUR CONFIRMATION ORDER EMAIL to let me know, because just adding a note with your order doesn't always work unfortunately, even if I check each order personally.

If you are a shop and are interested in having Barnabe in your shop, please contact me, I'll be glad to discuss with you ^^

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